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New RoofHave you ever experienced a leaky roof? It can be a huge annoyance for home or business owners. There are several reasons why your roof is leaking. It may be because of the age of the roof, damaged shingles or improper drainage.  Sun City Roofing Company has the right solution to the problem. In the past the only solution was to patch the roof or install a new one. Latest techniques offer a new solution called custom tapered insulation that will increase the performance of your roof, and expand its life. Tapered insulation roof systems generate drainage on flat or slightly sloped roofs to prevent rain water from pooling.

 The main goal is to eliminate standing water on your roof.  If pooling water is ignored, it will eventually seep through and start leaking. Tapered insulation, come in a variety of materials such as perlite, wood fiber, and Polystyrene which is a foam-like material. The foam materials are expandable in the summer, contractible during the cold winter months and highly durable. A tapered roof can prevent major leaks in the future, and help increase the life expectancy of your roof.  Tapered insulation will fit on any size of roof.

 Sun City Roofing is a full-service roofing company serving the communities of Sun City, Canyon Lake, and Perris. A few of our services include roof repair, new roof installations for construction projects and additions, and replacement roofing for existing residential and commercial buildings.  In addition to the traditional shingle roofs, we also repair and install wood shake, tile, metal, and single ply roofs.

Ceramic Tiles Roof

 Cerfamic Tiles RoofWe care about the environment. That is why we offer Environmental or “Green” roofing upon request. We have a variety of green roofing options available which include Reflective, PV, and Vegetative Roofing. Green roofing will not only help the environment but can turn a plain roof into a magnificent garden. It will conserve energy and save you lots of money. If interested in our “green” roofs, please call and schedule an appointment. A Sun City Roofer will sit down and discuss exactly what you are looking for. Our roofers are experienced in all the latest technology and techniques to install, and maintain all green roofs.

Our main goal is to prevent an emergency before it happens. We offer inspection and maintenance programs for your roof and drainage systems that will ensure your roof is doing its job. We will evaluate the problem and make the necessary changes to increase run-off from the roof and eliminate pooling on the ground. If your roof is leaking we will find the problem and fix it immediately. A flashing and drain spout inspection is also included as part of our initial evaluation. We also unclog gutters and drains as part of our regular maintenance plan.

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